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Information for the Complaint Process

Here's information on how complaints and investigations work at the Board of Pharmacy.

Once we have received a Complaint Form, the following takes place:
  1. We notify the complainant that their complaint has been received.
  2. The Executive Secretary reviews the complaint and assigns an appropriate investigator.
  3. A Board inspector conducts an investigation to compile a report that is presented to the Board.
  4. The Investigative Member of the Board reviews the Investigative Report to determine if any possible violations of the Kansas Law have occurred.
  5. The Board determines if a hearing is warranted and notifies the appropriate parties. 
If possible violations are indicated in the Board’s opinion, then a hearing with the licensee is arranged according to the Kansas Administrative Procedure Act. The hearing is to give the licensee an opportunity to present his/her case. There is a possibility that the complainant and appropriate other parties will need to appear at the hearing, but this is not always the case. The complainant will be given ample advance notice should we request their presence.
The Board meets quarterly and consists of seven Governor-appointed members serving four-year terms. Six members are registered pharmacists and one is a consumer. The Board has the legal authority to revoke, suspend, or restrict the licenses that they regulate. The Board also has the authority to impose monetary fines.  

Investigation Process

To file a complaint, please select the correct form below.

KBOP Complaint Form for a Kansas registered facility, pharmacist, intern, or technician
Adverse Finding Form (Universal Hospital Reporting Form approved by the Kansas Hospital Association)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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  • How do I file a complaint?

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  • What happens to my complaint once received?

  • Who investigates a complaint?

  • What happens during an investigation?

  • How long does an investigation take?

  • Will I be notified about the outcome of the investigation?

  • Can I find out who filed a complaint against me or my business?

  • How can I find out if there have been complaints or disciplinary action against a licensee or pharmacy?

  • Can I file a complaint anonymously?