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Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Regulations

Pharmacy Practice Act-Regulations

  • Article 19. Continuous Quality Assurance Programs

    68-19-1. Minimum program requirements. Each pharmacy's continuous quality improvement
    program shall meet the following minimum requirements:
    (a) Meet at least once each quarter of each calendar year;
    (b) have the pharmacy's pharmacist in charge in attendance at each meeting; and
    (c) perform the following during each meeting:
    (1) Review all incident reports generated for each reportable event associated with that pharmacy since the last quarterly meeting;
    (2) for each incident report reviewed, establish the steps taken or to be taken to prevent a recurrence of the incident; and
    (3) create a report of the meeting, including at least the following information:
    (A) A list of persons in attendance;
    (B) a list of the incident reports reviewed; and
    (C) a description of the steps taken or to be taken to prevent recurrence of each incident reviewed.
    (Authorized by and implementing L. 2008, ch. 104, §16; effective April 10, 2009.)