Integrating K-TRACS Data to Electronic Health Records and Pharmacy Management Systems

The Kansas State Board of Pharmacy (Board), in conjunction with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), is pleased to announce a partnership with Appriss Health to provide interoperability services for all prescribers and pharmacists in Kansas to access K-TRACS, the Kansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, through the PDMP Gateway®. “This is an opportunity for Kansas to deliver a more efficient and patient-oriented prescription drug monitoring program,” said KDHE Secretary Susan Mosier, MD, MBA, FACS. “Integrating a patient’s controlled substance prescription data into the electronic health record helps providers treat that patient.”

The project is funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control awarded to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. “Grant funds will support Gateway® connection costs for each Kansas electronic health records and pharmacy management system approved for integration,” said Board Executive Secretary Alexandra Blasi. “This multiagency collaboration furthers the K-TRACS mission to prevent diversion, misuse and abuse of controlled substances in Kansas, while protecting legitimate medical use.”

Currently, prescribers and pharmacists log in to separate systems to query patient data which takes valuable time away from patient care and interaction. This integration simplifies the process by creating a one-stop-shop, making K-TRACS data directly available in the patient’s electronic record.

Integrations must be approved by the Board and will require reporting to the Board regarding such connections.

Statewide Integration FAQs

NEW Automated Process

Visit our K-TRACS Gateway Integration Portal for the following:
  1. Complete the Request Form.
  2. The Terms and Conditions Agreement will be sent electronically for your organization's electronic signature and countersignature by the Board.
  3. Notify your software vendor that your entity is pursuing integration.
  4. Wait for your software vendor to be approved for integration by the Kansas Board of Pharmacy.
  5. Have your software vendor review the Application Programming Interface (API) guidelines to determine the level of effort necessary for organization to integrate and the approximate timeline for implementation.
  6. Appriss, the K-TRACS software vendor, will set up an initial technical meeting with your software vendor.
  7. Check on the status with your software vendor to ensure timely responses and encourage progress.

Integration Resources

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