Introduction to K-TRACS

Need to register for K-TRACS or make a change to your account?

If you have an existing account, use this form to make changes. 

Need to create an account?
1. Go to K-TRACS 
2. Click on 'Create an Account' and follow the steps.
3. Complete the appropriate form from the Forms page and submit to finish your registration.


NEWS for Health Care Providers Using K-TRACS. Consultation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program for a patient counts toward "improvement activities" under subcategory "Patient Safety and Practice Assessment" for the CMS Quality Payment Program. For more information, visit https://qpp.cms.gov/.

The Dos and Don'ts of K-TRACS

Do notify us when your delegates quit so that we can lock their access.
Do discuss the reports with patients.
Do post patient notification posters (found here).
Do contact us if you have questions - PMPAdmin@ks.gov or 785-296-6547.

Don't put your patient's reports in their charts/files.
Don't show your patients their reports. (You can only discuss the report.)
Don't share reports with other pharmacists or prescribers.
Don't query anyone except your own patients.
Don't query prospective employees.

Information for Data Reporters (PMP Clearinghouse Users):

We are happy to announce a new release of PMP Clearinghouse, a service of PMP AWARxE. This release contains enhanced functionality for users as well as a refined menu navigation system.

The new features include:

  • SFTP state subfolders – In anticipation of future expansion, state subfolders will be utilized for users submitting data by SFTP.  Submitters with SFTP accounts need to create a subfolder labeled KS and start submitting their data to the KS subfolder by Tuesday, October 1. The subfolder must be located in the home/dir directory which is where you land once authenticated. Currently we accept data for Kansas that is submitted outside of the KS subfolder and data that is submitted to the KS subfolder to provide some time for the transition. However starting October 1 we will only take data from the KS subfolder from within each SFTP account.
  • Email error reports are now functional – Email error reports are being submitted to the registered data submitter to report on any errors detected with the file.  There are two types of error reports capable of being submitted.  Each error report will be received by email but can also be downloaded through the web portal.
    • File Failed Report – Identifies if the submitted file was not able to be parsed and was not processed into PMP Clearinghouse
    • State Validation Error Report – Identifies files that could be parsed, but contained records that failed state-specified validation rules
  • Zero report confirmation email – A confirmation email will be sent to the registered data submitter confirming the submission of a zero report to Clearinghouse
  • Detailed errors for files that could not be parsed on the File Status Screen – If a file is submitted and cannot be parsed, it will display on the File Status Screen alerting users that the file failed and provide the error
  • New zero reports layout screen – It is now easier to view the list of zero reports submitted through the web portal
  • An updated menu navigation bar – Users now have separate menu options to update their personal user account and to update their organization account information
  • An updated login screen – Login is now placed front and center, with a more appropriate location for links to reset your password and unlock a locked account

More details about these new changes are available in the updated dispenser's data submission guide found on left side of this web page.  If you experience any difficulty, please contact the Appriss Help Desk at: 1-855-544-4767.  Hours are 24/7.

Information for Data Requesters (PMP AWARxE Users):
We are aware that requesters are receiving a message that says there are multiple patients that meet the criteria you entered. If you click to send it to the administrator, we will evaluate the patients and manually consolidate them.  A report will then be sent back to you.  These requests are monitored every 30 minutes during business hours.  Unfortunately, there is no current process to consolidate multiple patients during non business hours.