PERx (Prescriber E-Recap)

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PERx is a quick, convenient way to provide a snapshot of each prescriber's prescribing practices regarding controlled substances. To ensure you receive the K-TRACS PERx, login to K-TRACS and
  - verify your DEA registration number;
  - add or update your healthcare specialty;
  - verify your email address (username).

K-TRACS PERx are released quarterly and include:
  1. How many patients the prescriber has prescribed opioids to as well as a comparison to those prescribers within the same healthcare specialty.
  2. Morphine Milligram Equivalent (MME) information is broken out so you can readily see where your opioid prescribing falls within multiple MME ranges.
  3. Opioid treatment duration, which shows the percentage of patients who have been prescribed opioids for fewer than 7 days, 7 to 28 days, 29 to 90 days, or more than 90 days.
  4. K-TRACS usage, which shows exactly how much you and your delegate(s) are using the PDMP.
  5. Multiple Provider Episodes (MPE) provide a look at the number of your patients who have met or exceeded the K-TRACS threshold of 5/5/90 – five prescribers and five pharmacies within 90 days.
  6. Dangerous Combination Therapy provides you with details of your patient’s combination therapies that may increase a patient’s risk for overdose.

Healthcare specialty is required to receive a quarterly PERx. To add or change your healthcare specialty, log in to K-TRACS, click User Profile, then click My Profile to update the information.

PERx reports for 2019 will be delivered on the following dates:

Quarter 1 - 4/26/2019
Quarter 2 - 7/26/2019
Quarter 3 - 10/25/2019
Quarter 4 - 1/28/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

CDC Resources:  https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/prescribing/resources.html