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Kansas Pharmacy Practice Innovation Survey

Jun 15, 2017

Building Partnerships with Public Health and Providers

The Kansas State Board of Pharmacy is part of a collaboration called the Kansas Pharmacy Engagement Group (KPEG) hosted by the Chronic Disease Alliance of Kansas and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. KPEG aims to help Kansans manage their health by increasing collaboration between health professionals.

KPEG is conducting a brief survey of Kansas pharmacies to guide efforts to increase partnerships between pharmacies, public health and health care providers. The goal of the survey is to collect information about pharmacies’ current practices to connect patients to community resources to prevent or manage chronic disease.

The Board supports this effort and encourages pharmacists in-charge at each pharmacy to complete the survey and return it by Friday June 23, 2017 to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. If you wish to complete this survey online, please use the link

The 2017 survey results will be compared to the 2016 survey results and will be used to develop and strengthen partnerships between pharmacists, public health professionals, and health care providers to support patients at high risk of or with a chronic disease (including diabetes and hypertension). The survey will also be used to assess the impact of these strategies and to plan future actions to reduce the burden of chronic disease in Kansas. Results will be available on the CDAK website. Your experiences are important and will assist in improving the heath of Kansans.